Catalysts of Death

Catalysts of Death

"we are here to play runescape for what it is."

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Welcome to Catalysts of Death.

First of all, We are here to play runescape for what it is.

 We are a friendly/mature clan who just enjoy runescape for what it is. Admins will try to help you in anyway they can - whenever they can,

Swearing or any other violation to jagex rules will result in an immediate 2nd strike or ban, Do NOT be offensive to other clan members, we are just here to have fun and make friends, not to have rediculous arguments over nothing. Please be fair with trades. no scammers, botters or members that start fights for fun are permitted in this clan, if you can not follow by these simple rules, you are not welcome to be a part of this clan,

First of three strikes is a mute for 2 days,
Two strikes: muted for 4 days
Three strikes is a ban from the clan.

Any queries or information please contact me or an admin in-game  or email me at: catalystsofdeath@gmail

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