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Chaos Crew

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Chaos Crew is a large, friendship based community clan. We have many experience players in our community and strive for a enjoyable environment for all.

In Chaos Crew, we can offer you a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
We promise that all of your opinions are valued and will be listened to.

Chaos Crew is not just a clan, it’s a family, to us your not just another player, you become part of that family.

You are who you are, an individual, and you shall be treated and respected just as much as any other member no matter who you are or what you like.

You will have the full support of everyone here, weather its fighting a boss or getting a 99! Having a party?

Invite your Chaos Crew Clanmates, have a good time, a luagh, make new friends, get to know everyone!

At Chaos Crew, we have no leader, everyone is equal, no matter what level. You will never stand alone.

If you are looking for a clan that plays, chats and laughs together, don't hesitate to join us today!

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[#C0EM43ECE] [#C0EM43ECE] Lieutenant
[#4LXGA1O18] [#4LXGA1O18] Sergeant
[#GL65DADW3] [#GL65DADW3] Sergeant
[#NCJX6671V] [#NCJX6671V] Sergeant
Gl0xinia Gl0xinia Sergeant
[#MOGAYFM80] [#MOGAYFM80] Corporal
[#NWEUS0G8M] [#NWEUS0G8M] Corporal
W kingsdd W kingsdd Corporal
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