"E.L.E. - Everybody Love Everybody."

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Hello! Welcome to Chillville!

Clan motto: E.L.E - Everybody Love Everybody.

So, what does that mean? It means we provide a great environment to relax with mature individuals such as yourself, chat, team up, help out, skill, or get help from other open-minded and accepting players. We'll take just about anyone who has a down to earth, easy-going nature.


1. Obligatory "All Runescape rules apply".
2. No cursing, unless you mean it.
3. You must have fun!
4. No Fakers, Debaters, Jam Band Haters, you get the point. We believe, to each their own in Chillville!
5. No spamming the chat, for obvious reasons. its just not needed
6. No religion or politics in the clan chat, as we all know these topics get out of hand very quickly, this clan is a place for relaxing not pointless bickering.
7. Keep the chat civil and welcoming! This is probably the most important of all. If we can all maintain a positive attitude maybe it will rub off on others!

Above all, be chill and have fun.

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