Clear Smoke

Clear Smoke

"New Clan - Quiet - Skilling - Accepting ALL levels - Must visit Citadel weekly."

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New clan from an Old Account.

Looking for Clan Members that wish to help build a Clan from ground up.

Old to New all are invited to join.

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ClearSmoke91 ClearSmoke91 Owner
Apalmer91 Apalmer91 Deputy Owner
Mpalmer91 Mpalmer91 Deputy Owner
DarkDayForMe DarkDayForMe Overseer
BarryáGood BarryáGood Overseer
Enrick Enrick Sergeant
jace1700 jace1700 Corporal
JonesTON JonesTON Corporal
zarthan13 zarthan13 Corporal
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