"(C)ontinuation (O)f (N)on (S)top PIRACY"

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Ahoy, conspiracy was founded back in `97 as a fun, social rapscallions on 'arious other games and platforms, and its time we brin' oursel'es t' the Runescape community.

Arrr, conspiracy is bigger then any game, we be about friendships. Aye. We stick together as we go thru life, supportin' each other and experiencin' the best mmorpg out thar. Aye, me parrot concurs.

We be startin' out as a Skillin', D&d, Social Clan. So if you think you have what it takes t' join us we will be happy t' in'ite you t' our clan.

At the moment we be acceptin' ANY new recruits with passion for skillin'.

We only have one rule, which be t' cap (complete resource collection) at our citadel.

Aye, stay tuned for our recruitment forum and website Gar.

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