Corrupt  Pures

Corrupt Pures

"Something is sharp and pointy in our chaps and it aint our arrows."

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Corrupt Pures is the best F2P clan/community in the game. We are thought highly of in the clannin* world. We feature some of the best clan members out of all the clans in the game.

We were founded in 2005 by Drunkin R2h as a pure clan, the goal was to simply make a successful F2P based clan. Our outstanding history allows us to maintain a stable member base while being known as a "No Honour" clan.

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Drunkin R2h Drunkin R2h Owner
kaeW kaeW Deputy Owner
Mr iMerk 31s Mr iMerk 31s Deputy Owner
Chain Is Law Chain Is Law Deputy Owner
Feelthef1re Feelthef1re Recruit
[#AXBUML489] [#AXBUML489] Recruit
c hi le c hi le Recruit
iP K E D iP K E D Recruit
Clan-cp Clan-cp Recruit
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