Creed of Guthix

Creed of Guthix

"We reside in and dominate Gielinor by the ancient and balanced Creed of Guthix."

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We are the members of Creed of Guthix, we are a friendly, F2P and P2P related clan whose goal is to grow as a community and provide help for those who need it. Our motto: "We reside in and dominate Gelinor by the ancient and balanced Creed of Guthix."

*To be loyal and obey the rules
*In order to be ranked, you must advertise the clan, ie. planting your Vexillium and recruit new members (temporary Admin status will be awarded accordingly).

To join, contact the owner, Guthix Stone, KathelynHood or Calibre11.

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[#NHMSTI2UV] [#NHMSTI2UV] Overseer
RuinHound RuinHound Admin
[#S1LSUH27Y] [#S1LSUH27Y] General
megakel megakel General
[#UPKBNLF3R] [#UPKBNLF3R] Sergeant
Sandyee21 Sandyee21 Sergeant
[#ZG1RFR7RW] [#ZG1RFR7RW] Sergeant
[#FGMJAO5E1] [#FGMJAO5E1] Sergeant
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Skilling - Woodcutting 175 31-Jul-11 14:00
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