Crystal Killer

Crystal Killer

"bearer of your own fate"

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I. All Jagex rules apply. No exceptions.
II. Respect. Moderate swearing is fine, but derogatory terms and explicit jokes will not be allowed in clan chat.
III. Honor. Luring, scamming, or any attempts thereof can result in an instant ban. We are here to support and help each other, not take advantage of each other.
IV. Reputation. Exemplify clan values when interacting with players outside of Crystal killer. Your behavior should promote the friendly and mature environment we expect in CC, so that our clan's reputation can be a positive one.
V. Chat. Some topics are not allowed in CC to prevent conflict. These are RELIGION, ***, POLITICS and DRUG USE etc****.  Capping - You are required as a member of any rank to visit the clan citadel and reach your resource cap each week.
VII.  If you recruit a member you are responsible for helping them get their cloak and vexillum, show them around citi and make sure they know the rules.

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