Dark Soul Hunters

Dark Soul Hunters

"We seek Blood, Riches and Victory !!!"

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This clan is a diverse mix of pros and casual chilling players. We sometimes have events however we believe that a lot of time and effort goes into preparing these so people should try to attend and certainly tell us when there on line as to why they can't come. There is also no stopping people making there own events. This clan also only takes people who are active and talk as clans are meant to be social. So if you are not social don't ask for an invite. The forums tell more information for people who have joined such as the ranking system and how to climb the ladder. There you can also make your own threads as to express your opinions. Good luck and hope you liked you first impressions of Dark Soul Hunters!!!!

The requirements for this clan are being active and minimum 1000 skill level... leave a post on our forums and we will arrange the invitation to join our clan.

To access forums type in 'Dark Soul Hunters' in the find clan page.

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