Deaths Raiders

Deaths Raiders

"When Death is near you know that we are close by, as we are Death itself."

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Death Raiders: We are here to help develop personal gameplay and receive assistance in training skills. We are a clan with an intelligent, active and friendly community. Our clan is dedicated to helping each other out whether in training our skills and reaching our goals or becoming familiar with new membership or with all the updates, such as the "EOC". Yet mostly killing goblin raiders

We look for players who can enjoy and continue our friendly and active community. For dedicated players with a decent sense of humour who enjoy slayer, skilling, hanging out, and having smart conversations about the game while achieving their goals.

Clan features:
- Friendly, global community
- Clear ranking system
- Skilling competitions
- Developing citadel
-Clan and RS events
Prospective members can  apply to join the clan by either joining our clan chat and asking.
forum link:http://s15.zetaboards.***/Deaths_

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Leonidans Leonidans Owner
Lego World Lego World Overseer
Cowmaster09 Cowmaster09 Admin
Seliveo Seliveo General
danewciebomb danewciebomb General
AlexxGrey AlexxGrey General
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Clan event - Council Meeting 86 14-Jun-14 18:00
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