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Delta Reborn

"The grind thou shalt not end!"

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Welcome to Delta Reborn, we are Delta Skillerz redefined, we are a fun, friendly, skilling clan, who keep drama to a minimum. Capping is not mandatory for ranks below admin, but it will help towards your future ranks, as will showing dedication to the clan and respect to fellow members including recruiting. Each member of the clan will be treated fairly and ranks set accordingly. For people who don't enjoy capping at citadel:
ranks will also be xp based as follows -
5mil for corporal
10mil for sergeant
20mil for lieutenant
40mil for captain
80mil for general   ( highest possible rank without capping)
120mil plus xp and capping at citadel/showing dedication to the clan for any rank higher than general.

Our minimum requirements are - 1,750 total or 110 combat.
We offer a 2 week blind period if you are under our minimum requirement's and can reach it within the time limit given.

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