Demon Critel v2

Demon Critel v2

"If you ain't white, you ain't right."

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Ĉ¸,-•¤*†*¤•-,¸• Welcome to Demon Critel v2 • ¸,-•¤*†*¤•-,¸
Demon Critel v2 is a clan dedicated to having a good time on RuneScape in a clan-based community.

We're a bunch of friendly, social and generally fun misfits who fancy a chat and make everybody's RuneScape experience that little bit better.

If you need help or some friendly advice when training a skill, we will be there to share our knowledge with you.

There are no requirements to join our clan and you can contact one of our higher officials if you want to join. Then they will determine a world and place to meet with you to enlist you into our clan.

Facebook Group: http://on******/DCv2FB

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AFG_1C6z8aw AFG_1C6z8aw Owner
Hespaniola97 Hespaniola97 General
[#SFYYNEEI6] [#SFYYNEEI6] Lieutenant
[#YS7XK4766] [#YS7XK4766] Lieutenant
gavin s gavin s Sergeant
marissaaxo marissaaxo Sergeant
[#0NYT1ILOU] [#0NYT1ILOU] Corporal
DjVirus28 DjVirus28 Corporal
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Type Description World Date/Time
PvM - Boss 60 30-May-12 18:00
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