Desert Rain

Desert Rain

"DR's - Acknowledge the Invisible, Support the Intangible, Achieve the Impossible"

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I welcome you to Desert Rain's Clan page.
We're an Australian based clan, but everyone is welcome!

Desert Rain's been up and running since 2010 and we're based on our home world W97.

Desert Rain is a great place, a great clan, where friendships are formed, filled with laughter and love in the air. The members are friendly, funny, caring, and most of all, loving. If you have a sense of humour, is mature, and just like to have a giggle here and there, you'll fit right in.

We aim to make sure every member enjoys their stay within the clan, from having a fun and friendly environment, to hosting events to suit your interests within Runescape. Whether you're a fighter or a skiller, or you want to just lay back and relax, we'll have events to suit you, from all kinds of bosses, to our fun mini games, our D&Ds & our weekly penguin hunting events.

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LilMissMina LilMissMina Owner
Jonoooo Jonoooo Admin
xxMALLANxx xxMALLANxx Lieutenant
Black Cloude Black Cloude Lieutenant
G a v v G a v v Sergeant
Rusty D 1 Rusty D 1 Sergeant
D3VAST8R D3VAST8R Sergeant
Ensign Cole7 Ensign Cole7 Sergeant
Just PixeIs Just PixeIs Sergeant
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