Divine Khaos

Divine Khaos

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1)1500+ Total Level
2)General Knowledge of Runescape.
3)Ability to access forums.

-Divine Chaos Rules- Summarized
Quick Find Code: 93-94-761-63935441 (link below in forum section)

1.) Be respectful to ALL clan members, as well as friends of the clan.

2.) An expectation of No Flaming inside the Clan Chat. Use  your personal messaging for that. Consider this rule your warning.

3.) Follow all Rules Jagex has set forth! This Includes No Botting, Spamming, and No third party software.(Breaking any of Jagex rules will result in kick from clan.)

4.) You earn your rank by participating in Clan Chat, Clan Events, and by Clan Loyalty. Loyalty ranks up to General. After that you must be a key participant to earn further ranks.

5.) Language; Its not what you say, but the context in which it is said. Do not curse at clan-mates.

Hope to See you in Game =D

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Ambro08 Ambro08 Owner
FarminSlave FarminSlave Deputy Owner
Original Ben Original Ben Deputy Owner
Sblue Sblue Overseer
Lesko1012 Lesko1012 Coordinator
Sai Abc Sai Abc Coordinator
Hephaestus9 Hephaestus9 Coordinator
Qbd Pet Qbd Pet Organiser
Zappykart Zappykart Organiser
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Ambro08 Clan Application's !!! 06-May-2013 06:08
Ambro08 Evil Tree Hints and Locations 10-Aug-2011 22:55
Ambro08 Shooting Star Landing Sites 10-Aug-2011 22:13
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