Divine P

Divine P

"Stay live for citadel every week! cb lvl 100+"

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About us:The clan does alot on F2p/P2p help including quests ,Multi-player activities like Clan Wars ,Fist of Guthix and not to forget Dungeoneering, and Socializing and we love to have wonderful poeple who are active in the Clan and aswell on the Forums.We are really friendly but we do kick people who are behaving badly in the Clan or those who are not active in the clan for no reason or those who leave no report why they are going to be inactive in the "Inactive_Thread." We do not mind if you are willing to leave the clan but please leave a suggestion in the "Suggetion Thread."Clan Ranks: Our clan's ranks are posted on the Clan forums under the Thread called "Clan Ranks."Joining:Due to our high number of Clanmates we have abolished a new system.To join this clan you can join if you have 3 skills 50+ or the required Combat level which is 60.

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XX_Jevon_XX Clan Rules 07-Jul-2012 13:19
ChronoThemis Hall of Achievements 05-Jun-2012 13:46
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