Dragon Gate Knights

Dragon Gate Knights

"We Fear Nothing. If There Is A Thing Called Victory We Will Find Our Way To It."

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Hey there, and welcome to DGK home page. We're a active, warring, events, social clan.  We do pretty much everything like merching and dungeoneering.  Any clan who wishes to fight us, contact anyone at least rank Organizer or above. Join DGK, we're a brotherhood with no corruption or mistreatment. We always a active chat, with funny conversations. We're a new clan, hoping for strong warriors and wizards to fill our ranks and there is no requirements to join. We are working on getting a citadel . Any Members that would like to join will be asked to work on making us a Citadel. Our senior members are: Delhidevil,27 Fence,Krishna17745,Jhubler,And Trinarkay

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delhidevil delhidevil Owner
[#P4RJBBRDI] [#P4RJBBRDI] Deputy Owner
megamorphis megamorphis Overseer
jus1671 jus1671 Overseer
MiNi Goofy MiNi Goofy Admin
[#IEGT5O4F7] [#IEGT5O4F7] Admin
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