Dragons Flare

Dragons Flare

"The Flame Still Burns"

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welcome to the dragons flare clan. we are a social clan with a long history. created in 2004 by sic viresco (tyler8881 at the time). we had many clan mates almost hitting 600 by 2007. we closed down in 2011 and now have just recently re-opened. our aim is to restore this clan to its former glory.  

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SicXViresco SicXViresco Owner
Mikey10k Mikey10k Coordinator
User437 User437 General
KankuáDye KankuáDye Corporal
FlumeHoldon FlumeHoldon Recruit
[#Q9ZR6FDH9] [#Q9ZR6FDH9] Recruit
russianstar3 russianstar3 Recruit
Wartree630 Wartree630 Recruit
Larger Larger Recruit
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