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Dragons Land

"Together in friendship we stand"

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Who We Are . . . Our clan is a mature clan.  We range in ages from late teens to over 40.  There are both men and women in the clan.  There are a few members with combat over 120.  Almost half are skillers, most are balanced between killer & skiller in some way.  Most of the players have more than 1 skill cape.  Our clan is P2P.  Several members have been playing for more than 2 yrs--many a year or less.  Being that we are a mature clan, we are not into drama. Here you can chill & hang out with no stress, skill with a friend, or get involved in the events as you like. Our homeworld is 28. Our homeworld is where events are held.  We are also very active in building up our citadel.  We maintain a separate private forum.

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Dragons Land Dragons Land Owner
Mogypsy Mogypsy Deputy Owner
Kitty Pup Kitty Pup Deputy Owner
Zandriahot Zandriahot Deputy Owner
Anubisblue Anubisblue Deputy Owner
Assassinite Assassinite Deputy Owner
Nezorter Nezorter Deputy Owner
Mistressizzy Mistressizzy Coordinator
Ai x Tan San Ai x Tan San Coordinator
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Skilling 180 12-May-13 20:00
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