Elder Family

Elder Family

"We're not the mafia."

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Elder Family is a Clan consisting of mature and knowledgeable players, who's main goal is to guide and help fellow Clan members in their different endeavours.

We, as a Clan, focus on many different aspects of the game, such as: PvM, Skilling, Questing, D&D's, Mini games - and the list goes on.

We're currently starting up, but our ambitions are to grow and become a strong and respectable Clan.

We will strive to host events on a weekly basis; mostly on weekends - but also impulsive events during the week. This is so that we keep the clan integrated, creating new friendships and creating experience amongst our members.

If you have your eyes on our clan, don't hesitate to visit us in our clan chat as a guest.
See you around :)

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