Eternal Essence

Eternal Essence

"We're a new friendly clan thats recruiting! pm or search on the forums for info!"

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Hello everyone :)

Are you looking for a new clan? Then look no further! Eternal Essence would to welcome you to our newly formed clan :)

I know I don't have a fancy forum post like all these "big" clans out there, but I hope that if you're looking for a clan, then you're willing to give us a go!

We're welcoming EVERYONE! No matter your skill level. Me and the current leaders are trying to build a clan that you can call home. Where you can make friends and also memories!

So if you would like to guest? Then feel free! I look forward to meeting and getting to know all of those who decide to be a part of our little family!

Please Pm Crucio237 for and inv to the clan!

QFC - 290-291-655-65913992

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