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Everlasting Valor

"One may go far, but with many there is no limit"

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Everlasting Valor is a PVM clan, but we also do a variety of different events, such GWD, WBS, kk, nex, group bossing, etc. We are in different time zones, so events will be going on at different times. We, as a clan, do not engage in the following activities: PVP (PVP vs non-clan members is fine), scamming, etc.; these will get you kicked.

Requirements: CB lvl 165+, upkeep in citadel, and talk in clan chat when able. Also, if you do not upkeep in the citadel (at min 300/cap) for more than 1 week, you will be kicked. Actively participating in clan events isn't required, but is highly recommended; it helps keep the clan going.

If you are a level 200cb, and like to do events such as bossing, nex, etc, and are on regularly to do events, you will get the rank of admin automatically.
Recruiting is a good way to rank up; capping and attending events is also a good way. Admins+ are able to rank.

I hope you enjoy our clan, we look forward to having you in it

- Everlasting Valor

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[#9WGP53LO8] [#9WGP53LO8] Owner
Vikernese Vikernese General
Ian Ash Ian Ash Lieutenant
TomBish TomBish Sergeant
Madcap565 Madcap565 Corporal
Mowie Wowey Mowie Wowey Recruit
[#IQW140MI8] [#IQW140MI8] Recruit
WeaponXI WeaponXI Recruit
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Type Description World Date/Time
Clan event - Clan Resource Gathering 2 08-Apr-14 21:00
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Timey_Whimey Recruiting Admins! 11-Apr-2014 16:29
Timey_Whimey Recruiting! 08-Apr-2014 23:20
Timey_Whimey Recruiting Admins! 04-Apr-2014 17:28
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