Evil Empire

Evil Empire

"~EVIL EMPIRE~ New Clan. Social/ClanWars/Questing/Bossing Anyone Can Join. MSG me"

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Rule 1: Have Fun At All Times
Rule 2: Respect All Clan Member Even Your Superior Officers & No Racism Allowed In Clan Chat IDK What You Say Outside But In Clan Chat Keep It At a Mature lvl
Rank 1: How To Get Ranked Up To Your 1st Rank Invite A Person
Rank 2: To Get Sergeant Rank Must Invite 15 Players
Rank 3: To Get Lieutenant Rank Must Invite 25 Players
Rank 4: To Get Captain Rank Must Invite 35 Players
Rank 5: To Get General Rank Must Invite 45 Players Write All Names Down
To Get Admin Rank: Be Appointed By Top Leader for Additional Helps or Support Clan With Mass Invitations Players To The Clan__An Addition Admins Will Have Power To Kick or Ban-Players From Clan If New Players Join or Visiting or Acting Ups / Breaking Rules Admins Can Boot You So Listen Ups!!

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DarkáRSáGod DarkáRSáGod Overseer
[#46K2E477T] [#46K2E477T] Overseer
HF9999 HF9999 Overseer
khilázone khilázone Admin
ka-sell-e ka-sell-e Admin
[#085W7YKRK] [#085W7YKRK] General
GigaXerxas GigaXerxas General
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Special 87 11-Sep-12 23:00
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