"Epitome of Fabulous~"

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Welcome to Fab,

The epitome of Fabulous ~
 The clan provides an amazing atmosphere for clan members to make friends, Pvm and socialize with. In Fab we accept everyone from all walks of life, skill, talent and motive. Our main objective in Fab is to remain Fabulous and to conquer Gielnor both in Pvm/Skilling with a Fabulous stride.

Fab is open to skillers, Pvmers and even Questers. Aside from having membership, there are no requirements to join the clan.

The clan offers:
* An active Discord to converse and interact with clannies
* Group PvM:
* Bossing assistance and opportunities

Rank Guidelines
1 banana = Default rank
2 banana = 1 month in the clan
3 banana = 2 months in the clan
The following ranks are time gated, regardless of xp gain
Bronze star = 75M Clan Xp and at least 3 months in the clan
Silver Star = 150M Clan Xp  and at least 4 months in the clan
Gold Star = 300M  Clan Xp and at least 5 months in the clan

Message Nassy S or Fiji Islands for Admin+ rank info

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NassyáS NassyáS Owner
FijiáIslands FijiáIslands Deputy Owner
SanchoáPanza SanchoáPanza Overseer
Georgarex Georgarex Overseer
Sstimberwolf Sstimberwolf Overseer
ColeáW ColeáW Overseer
Zelia Zelia Overseer
Slayeraaron Slayeraaron Coordinator
Philanthropy Philanthropy Coordinator
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