Fatal Omen

Fatal Omen

"Join us and rule death with a single touch. We have high lvls and Mems join us!"

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We are Fatal Omen. Founded on July 24, 2011. We are the remnant generals of The Saradominist Army. We are a F2P & P2P clan, though we are mostly P2P. We are a great clan to join if you are looking for a mature environment to play in whilst you train your skills. We host great events, as well as participate in RCW matches with rival clans.

If you are looking to become a member of Fatal Omen, you can PM an Owner or Deputy Owner, and we will have someone recruit you shortly. We recommend however, that you first check the clan camps at our Home Worlds. We may already have a recruiter on duty. Our Home Worlds are 14(Non-Members) & 42(Members).

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[#V4G81RNO2] [#V4G81RNO2] General
Epidoteee Epidoteee Lieutenant
[#E95EYWO5Z] [#E95EYWO5Z] Lieutenant
[#QEUIEH0OA] [#QEUIEH0OA] Lieutenant
[#OI4AAIGMV] [#OI4AAIGMV] Lieutenant
[#UPK5XQZ9S] [#UPK5XQZ9S] Sergeant
[#E1FFQMTB3] [#E1FFQMTB3] Sergeant
OnionBiter OnionBiter Sergeant
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