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"Never give up"

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This clan is all about helping each other. We have diffrent members that can help with diffrent skills you may need help in. We can help out with the quests. We would do clan wars if we have more members and that can be active alot. We let any level to join if they are F2P or P2P. You can join with us to fight till veryone is destroyed. We can help to destroy clan that try to mess with us.

1. No trolling.
2. If u begg for money we might be able to lend some but u have to pay back as soon as possible.
3. Dont be a big shot. Saying that u can do almost everything because not that many can.
4. Our rank system goes by how loyal you are and how many days u have been in this clan.

xfatalityx.webs. C. *. *.
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