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Fealty Stars is a 6 and a half year old drama free social clan. We chartered April 20, 2012 with the intent of creating an easy welcoming pause from real life to enjoy any RuneScape related experience.

We have evolved into a thriving global clan of mature and age-mature members, average age 35. We have one of if not the highest populations of older adults in RuneScape.

Open clan chat, active 24/7 is always welcoming to our many visitors.

Tier 7 Citadel for highest xp, clan mascot dragon Ian. Capping optional, plots never locked or use-restricted.

Every clan member has their own pet avatar plus 3% skill bonus in RuneScape, up to 6% based on fealty. Bonus is activated weekly in the citadel.

We do not have Iron Man members.

Skilling, Dungeing, PvM,  D&D, Discord

Clan Time: E USA , GMT, Oceanic, global

Home World: 79 or best ping.

QFC: 290-291-981-65659571

Rules of Conduct: Scroll down this page bottom right.

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Shamantha444 Shamantha444 Owner
Usa Rubik1 Usa Rubik1 Deputy Owner
Welder Will Welder Will Deputy Owner
Gusat Gusat Deputy Owner
Iverly Iverly Deputy Owner
Mr Jinglez Mr Jinglez Deputy Owner
Cindy Loo Cindy Loo Deputy Owner
Irian Irian Coordinator
Cinnamonrod Cinnamonrod Coordinator
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