Fenix Flight

Fenix Flight

"Semper Praesto - Always Ready"

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We Skill All, Semper Praesto -- Always Ready, Our Members Are Our Clan.  If you want to have all around skills or concentrate on just a few we're here.  The rules are simple, we respect each other and we do our  best to help our clanmates excel.

As of 2018/09/04 our Discord Server channel is : RS_Fenix-Flight
Contact us for an invite.

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Ancrett Ancrett Owner
Sprummerall Sprummerall Deputy Owner
Atrumpheonix Atrumpheonix Deputy Owner
sixkiller05 sixkiller05 Admin
Rex Antonius Rex Antonius Lieutenant
Smithman85 Smithman85 Corporal
IceáGig IceáGig Corporal
ItzSavioR ItzSavioR Corporal
Diablitx Diablitx Corporal
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Gathering 13 07-Mar-13 20:30
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