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Here at the First Knightz we pride ourselves on being a warm and friendly community or family; as such we tailor our events to suit all different walks of Runescape life.

We do events for just about every in-game activity possible, including:

•Training trips for fishing, wcing and other skills

•Monster hunting at the KQ, GWD, Mole and more•
All the popular mini-games such as castlewars,the great orb project and more

•Random games and money making trips

Alongside our in-game presence we like to keep our forums active and busy and as such have space for members to chat about anything and everything, as well as post guides, videos, jokes, in-game accomplishments, host their own events and more.

We hope you decide to join us and become part of the family

Our clan was established quite a few years ago but we underwent some changes and reestablished the clan on April,10,09

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