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Dear passenger

Welcome to the Gainztrain!

We are a small group of higher-levelled players who decided to come together in a community-focused clan.
We have a diverse group of players, from PvM'ers to XP-gainers and we even have a monkey.

To achieve this diversity, we have different possible requirements. You require one of the following as well as a current clan member who's been with us for at least 2 months vouch for you.
* 2600 Total level
* 600M overall XP

Our clan is open to guests. If you feel like making a test-ride, hop on!

Our goal is to have a strong group, where who you are is more important than what you do. To achieve this we have a very active Teamspeak, and we all share one love: our avatars Bertha and Nicole.

Our ranking system is based on XP as well as other forms of contribution to the clan. This way we get everyone involved.

There are no breaks on the Gainztrain. Can you handle it? Then join now!
We hope to see you aboard!
Choo Choo!

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Elba Elba Overseer
Kristaps Kristaps Overseer
lolol lolol Coordinator
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