Glorious Pride

Glorious Pride

"Have class, display pride, show character. Winning will take care of itself."

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Have you ever wanted a clan that feels like a home? One with as little drama as possible and no immaturity that can be displayed by the younger members of RS? Well, Glorious Pride just might be the home you have been searching for. Glorious Pride was created by a group of friends, who grew tired of the constant clan drama and the immaturity of some people, to make a home for like minded people who just want a place to make friends and do things together while enjoying their RS experience.

We strive to make sure that any drama that may kick up in the clan chat is resolved as quickly as possible and moved outside the clan chat so that things remain peaceful. We have founders from many time zones to ensure that avatar will be on world as much as can be provided.

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[#TR9WW3NK6] [#TR9WW3NK6] Overseer
Worpe Worpe Lieutenant
StailH StailH Lieutenant
[#YEXC2X0M1] [#YEXC2X0M1] Lieutenant
theáfaker theáfaker Corporal
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V1dek Joining the clan 28-May-2014 22:17
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