Gods Elite

Gods Elite

"keep your clothes on before 22:00"

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Hello there,

We are a clan for having fun and work together in citadel and outside citadel. We help each other where we can.
At the moment we are working hard to keep on growing and trying to keep the citadel up.

A few things we do:
* We work together to keep the citadel up.
* We have events like penguins events, Thursday we hunt penguins and every Sunday we have a skill or combat event. - ask in the chat for more info
* Thursday we want work together skilling in the citadel, its good for our citadel and for -the xp if you skill enough you get a clanring charge it to your of citadel skills
* When you need help, you can just ask in the clan and you get help.
* We train together to make it more fun.

Other information about us:
* Most of the people in this clan are Dutch. But people from other countries are more then welcome too!

Contact Admin+ for joining.

t k d t d r |m
                  d n |m

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