"Find your tribe, love them hard- - - Family doesn't end with blood- - - est 2015"

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Three years ago we started up as just four people who wanted to build a family to call our own. Today, we're over 150 people in our crazy little big family. We welcome you to be adopted into our family. :)

Ranking System:
Our ranking system works as such; the more clan xp you've gained since you've joined, the higher rank you can be. Ranks do not go any higher than coordinator.

Recruit: 0-5m
Corporal: 5m-15m
Sergeant: 15m-30m
Lieutenant: 30m-45m
Captain: 45m-70m
General: 70m-100m
Admin: 100m-150m
Organiser: 150m-300m
Coordinator: 300m+

Everyone in the chat should be nice regardless of your rank, and please be respectful to your keys and to one another.

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Gallifrey Gallifrey Owner
BalterBite BalterBite Deputy Owner
coil recoil coil recoil Deputy Owner
buona pizza buona pizza Deputy Owner
of the Earth of the Earth Deputy Owner
Silumgahr Silumgahr Overseer
Le824 Le824 Overseer
Berb Berb Overseer
Algebro Algebro Overseer
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Queen-Lhiea Recruiting 31-Aug-2017 18:14
Gallifrey Rules and Thangs 11-Jun-2015 18:30
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