Guardians of Dawn

Guardians of Dawn

"This clan is now abandoned. Please join the new clan "The Celestial Guard"."

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Hello all.

As there has been a little craziness lately, this clan will be retired soon, and replaced with a new one.

Please note the clan itself won't be gone, as it won't be deleted. This simply means it will be idled, and won't be managed or monitored. Staying in Guardians of Dawn will result in you being left behind in a completely un-watched, un-administrated clan, that will most likely become very quiet.

To avoid this, we highly recommend you join the new clan, The Celestial Guard

We hope in this new clan to start anew, with a second wind, and hopefully avoid the quiet ghost town that became Guardians of Dawn. Please bear with us during this transition, and we assure you that it is for the betterment of all those involved.

Please check back often as more details become available, so you aren't left behind during the switch. A great way to keep in touch no matter what happens is by joining us on RaidCall. More more info, please see QFC:52cf


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