Holy Knights

Holy Knights

"Clan's been down for a while, we're trying to rebuild. Guest or pm if interested"

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If by some chance you'd like to join message Sci, but be warned, the clan is unlikely to become active anytime soon.

History: Our clan was founded sometime in 2008 as a friends chat by Mr Comp (not his name at the time). We migrated to this system when it came out. The clan was moderately successful (depending on by who's stick you measure) for three and a half years, give or take a couple months. We resided on W131 until the server was shut down. We then migrated to world 87, this move had no bearing on the clan's downfall. It took 12 to 18 months to fully die after a large portion of members quit over EoC or left when the citadel fell (mostly the former) and has been sitting idle with Sci as the owner and sole frequently active member for the intervening time.

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