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Welcome to Immersion

We're a W12 based but totally diverse clan, and even more-so a family!

We host skilling events, PVM events and raids too
With around the clock advice and tutors usually available, event hosters and higher ranks from all over we make sure to include anyone and everyone ~ Whether you're new to the game, a returning player or an avid runescaper there's a place for everyone!

Guests are welcome, we also have an active discord!

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xlys xlys Owner
52miningcat 52miningcat Deputy Owner
Jomenaa Jomenaa Deputy Owner
Konz Konz Deputy Owner
Giraffe 2837 Giraffe 2837 Overseer
masengut masengut Coordinator
Mikey Star Mikey Star Organiser
Range Monke1 Range Monke1 Organiser
SnowRainPig SnowRainPig Admin
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