"Hero's will be remembered, but Legends never die... And we are Legends!"

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Imperium is een gezellige Nederlandstalige Eventclan. Je hebt level 100+ combat nodig om te mogen joinen. Join allemaal!

(For foreign visitors: we are a Dutch clan.)

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Wout12345 Wout12345 Overseer
Pandabeer Pandabeer Overseer
Homeless DNA Homeless DNA Captain
ihuntmilfs ihuntmilfs Lieutenant
Hunterian Hunterian Lieutenant
Max EXP Max EXP Lieutenant
Kil Master14 Kil Master14 Sergeant
[#1HM4FL4NP] [#1HM4FL4NP] Corporal
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Type Description World Date/Time
Skilling - Woodcutting 143 26-Aug-11 18:00
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