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India Inc was founded in October 2007. At its very beginnings it was a place for close friends to meet up and have fun. But, soon it became much popular than we could have ever imagined and evolved from a place for friends to meet up to a place where anyone could join in, have fun, interact and make some friends.

Since then, India Inc has only grown and never looked back. It is one of the most successful clans in Asia and the only successful clan based in India. It also runs many inter-clan events and wars regularly.

It strives to bring together the Indian Community in RuneScape and to create a place where people can interact in a safe and friendly environment, it does not believe in being over-firm, so that the person is not always in constant pressure to perform, to be in the clan. It lets their players in all directions possible, to venture beyond their limits, to explore the unknown!

Welcome to India Inc!

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Ayush S92 Ayush S92 Owner
Arcanic Aura Arcanic Aura Deputy Owner
Evenstar8888 Evenstar8888 Deputy Owner
Nature Sun95 Nature Sun95 Deputy Owner
Devil Prime Devil Prime Overseer
[#LZTZPJV6F] [#LZTZPJV6F] Coordinator
Aashu10 Aashu10 Coordinator
The New GoA The New GoA Organiser
Angry Bird Angry Bird Organiser
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Type Description World Date/Time
Clan event - Clan Game 89 29-Apr-14 20:00
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iYaari India Inc. ~ No Requirements 28-Aug-2013 00:33
D5B The Indian War League III! 07-Oct-2011 23:55
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