Inter elite

Inter elite

"Velkommen til Inter-Elite, kig forbi os og til**** dig stemningen i vores clan"

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We are a newly started international social clan who are looking for new members for build up loyalty to make this new clan, and hopefully have alot of hours spending in examples of bosshunting, dungeoneering, minigames, quests, skillweeks and other events.

Our goal is to start up one (or more) hunt teams, for different bosses in the game, and let the members to choose which group to join. (Refining will come in forum)*
But our main goal is to have alot of fun, and to take care of eachother.

Our main world for events will be 106 for low ping's, and low population, this will be adjusted as we might get people from all over the world.

We are trying to be as active as we can, and we know for sure, that with more members, we will meet our goals.

Catch one of the General's or myself, or throw a post in the forum for more informations.

Thank you for taking you'r time. Relax and see ya all out there

*As we are a new clan our forum will be under construction for a bit.

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