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Invictus Mortalis

"Invictus Mortalis is a close knit family with many events and structured ranks"

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Invictus Mortalis is an organized community clan, where groups of people can gather and interact with each other. In IM, you're not another person-you're family.  Your vote counts!

Your clan is led by a professional team, whom are all former T7 staff and work as ONE to find efficient ways to better the clan for everyone. Are you a person with dreams/goals? A helpful and dedicated member? Then, don't hesitate to join our family!

== WHAT WE OFFER ==A chatty, welcoming atmosphere; a place to call home; voluntary daily events;  group skilling/questing/killing; a professional offsite...and much, much more!

== REQUIREMENTS ==Everyone is welcome; doesn't matter what kind of scaper you are!  One requirement we expect is respect toward your clan mates.

== CITADEL-Tier 3 ==As a new clan, we are working on achieving tier 7, once again. Currently, we offer a tier 3 citadel with a woodcutting and mining plot. In addition, we have one Avatar always out, in homeworld 116.

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