Jacks Of All RS

Jacks Of All RS

"Specializing in all aspects, as friends and acquantances we will thrive."

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It is important for people to come together and build friendships, here in "Jacks of all Rs" we provide that comfortable environment. In this clan we will have a high level of respect for each other, however we do like to kid with each other a good bit. Come check us and and see how you can fit in. :)

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LetDown LetDown Owner
Overdoingit Overdoingit Sergeant
bliza bliza Sergeant
xdont askx xdont askx Corporal
the best rey the best rey Recruit
Deaflistener Deaflistener Recruit
Pryona21 Pryona21 Recruit
King Malum King Malum Recruit
In Deks In Deks Recruit
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Clan event - Clan Game 99 31-May-25 04:30
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