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Hey! Welcome to Jamandy52. We are a family run clan with lots of fun things going on. We are drama free but we are not uptight. We mostly skill, play D&Ds and minigames and have competitions.

We hope you will drop in, have some laughs and consider joining a clan, and a legacy.

Our goal is to be a place where everyone is welcome while also trying to be the #1 clan in all of Runescape! :)

Quick find code: 288-289-998-65972490

Jamandy52 achievements -
Jan 2017 - 18m Slayer xp gained  - Rank 216 slayer for the month
Feb 2017 -  49.3m fish xp - Rank 8 fisher for the month
March 2017 - 53m thv xp - Rank 24 thief for the month
August 2017 - 73m Inv xp -Rank 11 Invention
May 2019 - 35m fm xp - Rank 83 Firemaking
June 2019 - 26m FM xp - Rank 138 Firemaking
July 2019 - 36m FM xp - Rank 15 Firemaking
August 2019 - 22m xp - Rank 60 Crafting

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26 Dig 26 Dig Deputy Owner
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Jamandy S2 Jamandy S2 Deputy Owner
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