Juggernaut Driven

Juggernaut Driven

"They stood in our way, we ran over them; they built a wall, we broke through it."

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None shall stand in our way. With determination and momentum as a charging rhinoceros, we will triumph! Break the ranks, trample the hoards, intimidate the most brazen of beasts. A perfect clan for all your PvM needs... after some loyalty and participation of course!

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Xelfi Xelfi Admin
Kkyylleeeee1 Kkyylleeeee1 Corporal
Warpathking2 Warpathking2 Recruit
Th3 Mad Hat Th3 Mad Hat Recruit
reeboijankin reeboijankin Recruit
johnp281997 johnp281997 Recruit
[#62XON59I4] [#62XON59I4] Recruit
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