Kings of Elites

Kings of Elites

"We value honor more than we value death."

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We've come a long way since the creation of this clan. From our hardships we've emerged a stronger clan, committed to the needs of all clanmates. We are a primarily F2P clan, but also have a tight P2P group as well.

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Dragonsarch0 Dragonsarch0 Owner
Makura Makura Deputy Owner
[#T8Q6EFQ3W] [#T8Q6EFQ3W] Overseer
Kerfloffle Kerfloffle Organiser
Dudeman67420 Dudeman67420 Organiser
[#2IL26WOTD] [#2IL26WOTD] Organiser
Rusty228 Rusty228 Admin
Skate2ever Skate2ever Admin
[#JVB192JCU] [#JVB192JCU] General
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Type Description World Date/Time
Clan event 50 20-Feb-12 02:30
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Author Thread Title Date
Rusty228 Recruitment Thread 22-Mar-2012 05:29
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