Last Stand

Last Stand

"Beware of the Ree"

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 We are the Last stand. Established 12th March 2016 by a group of friends. We are currently recruiting and have no requirements, as long as your active, mature, friendly, you will be welcome! :D Feel free to join us as a guest!

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Darkes Darkes Owner
F i n F i n Deputy Owner
Finn ish Finn ish Deputy Owner
OhMyDark OhMyDark Overseer
[#930YN5H0U] [#930YN5H0U] Overseer
Lovable Luna Lovable Luna Overseer
Miss green Miss green Coordinator
Puz zle Puz zle Coordinator
Bacon Jesuz Bacon Jesuz Coordinator
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Type Description World Date/Time
Party 178 17-Mar-19 00:00
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Author Thread Title Date
Sinc Enraged WELCOME! 04-Apr-2016 15:12
Sinc Enraged Ranking System 28-Mar-2016 16:41
T3mplar CLAN RULES 25-Mar-2016 16:51
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