"Pievienojies discord!"

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This is Latvian all round clan, which means we do everything.
Everyone who speaks in Latvian language is allowed to join this clan.


1M XP = Corporal
10M XP = Sergeant
50M XP = Lieutenant
100M XP/ Fealty 3  = General
300M XP + Fealty 3 = Administrator
Further ranks require you to be well known clan member/ veteran who recruits other players to clan.

1. Respect higher ranked members because they've earned their rank.
2. No spamming, other clan advertising in clan chat.
3. No racial slurs or bullying in Clan Chat
4. Do not kill clanmates in the wilderness.
5. Do not scam or lure clanmates.

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Top Clanmates

Hayamo Hayamo Owner
Trexed Trexed Deputy Owner
TiestoLife TiestoLife Deputy Owner
IvoryShots IvoryShots Deputy Owner
LV furious LV furious Overseer
Jigli Puff Jigli Puff Overseer
Ettes Ettes Overseer
FunCasket FunCasket Overseer
Armixmen Armixmen Admin
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Type Description World Date/Time
PvM - General 35 14-Oct-17 20:00
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