Legends of Fall

Legends of Fall

"Only the best can become Legends of the Fall."

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*¨˜*•›„¸ Welcome to the official, Legends of Fall, Runescape Clan Page!

We are an active Runescape Warring Clan, who specialize in taking down foes and constantly striving to become the best we can be. We will not give in a battle until our quivers are depleted, our staffs are short on power and our scimitars are dripping with blood. Our clan consists of over 100 battle-hardened warriors ready to fight to the death for the name of their clan.

We are an all out Free-to-play clan, with events mainly consisting of wars and war practices. When we are not warring other clans, we either have a fun bonding event, or just relax in our active clan chat. We dedicate most of our runescape time to becoming prestigous warriors, and to make sure our clan becomes the best it can be.

We base our clan's time to be Eastern Standard Time, and all gatherings will be held according to those times. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to message a leader in game.

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