Legendz Of Combat

Legendz Of Combat

"If the vexillum is in a bad location, feel free to guest and let the clan know."

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Current rules: 4/19/16
Keep swearing moderate, if someone asks you to stop please respect their request. No aggressive name calling.

Friends Chat Information
Name: Legendz Clan

Current rules: 4/19/16
1) No spamming. Consecutive unintelligible lines of text.
2) No racial slurs. There's really no excuse for them.
3) No aggressive name calling, if requested by the person please stop.
4) Ranks should give a warning before kicking.

Rank conversion:
Friends Rank-----Clan Rank
General----------Owner (Gold Key)
Captain----------Deputy Owner (Silver Key)
Lieutenant-------Overseer (Bronze Key)
Sergeant---------Coordinator, Organizer, Admin (Crosses)
Corporal---------General, Captain, Lieutenant (Stars)
Recruit-----------Sergeant, Corporal, Recruit (Stripes)
Friend------------Active and welcomed guests

If your rank isn't up to date, please contact Goblinwear.

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Gabriel7 Gabriel7 Owner
NoLimitChaos NoLimitChaos Deputy Owner
Acc3pt D34th Acc3pt D34th Deputy Owner
Goblinwear Goblinwear Deputy Owner
UltimaTank UltimaTank Deputy Owner
Vijaofvladd Vijaofvladd Deputy Owner
Boomer0001 Boomer0001 Deputy Owner
Lazarus_Elda Lazarus_Elda Deputy Owner
MomOfTheClan MomOfTheClan Deputy Owner
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Type Description World Date/Time
Dungeon 103 30-Jan-18 15:00
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