Legion Of GummyBears

Legion Of GummyBears

"We Rise, We Fall, but we do it Together =) GummyBears 4life All for 1 1 for ALL"

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Our clan is a clan for everyone
we are the Legion Of GummyBears =) A.K.A  = L.O.G

Every player is welcome to join us
we are up for anything and everything
24/7 Gaming
friendly and helpful
Random events always announced
Try not to offend other members

Feel like you want to be part of us?
Add AdzyBear or any other member of the clan for more information =)
Happy runescaping =)

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Adz_Hart Adz_Hart Owner
AlfieBear14 AlfieBear14 Deputy Owner
ImDGummyBear ImDGummyBear Overseer
N1NJ43E4R N1NJ43E4R Admin
jammy778 jammy778 General
[#TWX9TOYRS] [#TWX9TOYRS] Lieutenant
Ccc759 Ccc759 Corporal
[#XY6082W83] [#XY6082W83] Corporal
[#DS0HEROVD] [#DS0HEROVD] Corporal
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