Lethal Legion

Lethal Legion

"granny squirts during abortion"

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We are mostly a laid back clan. We more than not help our own progress further. We have very simple rules such as no spamming, be mature during discussions, cap, and show up to meetings. All-in-all, great clan and you will never know what to expect to come from us next!!

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[#ATDDM9EJ7] [#ATDDM9EJ7] Owner
lbz lbz Coordinator
DráTilt DráTilt Captain
racha3ll racha3ll Captain
Psyhfer Psyhfer Captain
undeadásou1 undeadásou1 Lieutenant
pkschatzke2 pkschatzke2 Lieutenant
beckhamájr beckhamájr Sergeant
Marcopolo105 Marcopolo105 Sergeant
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