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Welcome to Limittless.

We are a new clan since March 24, 2016 and have already 60+ members!

Because we are new , we are now mostly working on upgrading the clan citadel and recruiting members. But you can always ask players in our clan chat for other activities such as bosses , dungeoneering etc.

We work hard on our clan citadel and it will be upgraded every week.
This hard work will be rewarded with some great bonuses.
Take a look at our forum for more information about our ranking system.

Are you interested or do you have any questions? Send a message to Mr shott or 5001440frogs in-game. Also feel free to join our clan chat as a guest !

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Mr shott Mr shott Owner
ecretary ecretary Deputy Owner
saiki8 saiki8 Sergeant
Honzo101 Honzo101 Sergeant
Yopunk33 Yopunk33 Corporal
Auriels Auriels Corporal
BorRagnarok BorRagnarok Corporal
360striker 360striker Corporal
Blaze dem Blaze dem Corporal
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Mr shott Clan ranking system 11-Apr-2016 23:07
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